Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question 1 | Which one’s better disposable respirator masks or surgical masks?

    During these extreme situations caused by the COVID-19, people all around the kingdom are worried about which product to use to prevent COVID-19. People have discovered different kinds of masks without having basic knowledge about them. People often ask it if the disposable respirator is better than the surgical mask. To them, the answer will be if you want to wear these masks for the lab experiment, then the disposable respirator is better, and even when you are a health professional. For common people quarantined in their homes, our suggestion is to use a surgical mask. The most significant advantage is the price; surgical masks are more inexpensive than respirators and work just like it. Also, respirators are much harder to wear correctly than ordinary surgical masks, and it won’t give you any benefit if you’re wearing it wrong.

  • Question 2 | Where should I keep the stock of hand sanitizer during the lockdown?

    We know how people have bought a bulk of sanitizing products to cater themselves during the lockdown scenario. The main trouble is where to keep the hand sanitizers. If we keep it in a hot place, say you forget it in a box outside in summer, then it can affect adversely on your skin. Above all, the leading suggestion would be to keep it beyond the reach of your child so that it won’t cause any trouble for you.

  • Question 3 | Are the hand sanitizers effective after the expiration date?

    Many drug products have the proper listing of the expiration date. If not, then there will be an adequate graph suggesting how that particular drug would be stable for more than three years. However, the stability of drugs often gets affected after they passed their expiration dates, as stated by different manufacturing companies, as they have never guaranteed stability. Under the policy of hand sanitizer production for a temporary basis, the formula isn’t dependant on any expiration date and can be useful even after it.

  • Question 4 | What’s the essential place and time to wear the face masks?

    Since the beginning of the spreading of COVID-19, people all over the world have been asking doctors about the essentiality of face masks. They have different questions like when, where, and how to wear the masks. For them, it is said that it is essential to wear a face mask when going out, especially on public transports. Also, if you intend to go to crowded places like supermarkets, wear it as it will help you to prevent any particle entering your nostril, causing any respiratory infection. Several surveys accomplish that people wearing masks are less likely to be infected by COVID-19 than others, usually having respiratory exposure.

    Also, it is essential to consider cleanliness for yourself and your home, so don’t rely entirely on the mask, be careful about your habits.

  • Question 5 | Clear the confusion between disinfecting or sanitizing a surface?

    One of the significant confusion causing hustle in the inboxes of many doctors is about the term disinfecting and sanitizing. According to many sanitizing product manufacturers and doctors, there is around 99.9% chance of killing microorganisms by using the process of sanitizing. It helps create a secure area for your daily activity. Many surfaces that are likely to be in contact with food are needed to be sanitized. While disinfecting surfaces can kill 100% of microorganisms as described by many doctors. However, you will be required to sanitize your non-perishable items after the disinfecting procedure, as sometimes those disinfecting agents have chemicals that are harmful to swallow.

  • Question 6 | How often should I disinfect and sanitize frequently surfaces?

    Many people have often asked about the procedure and durability of sanitizing the surfaces. But, there isn’t any specific timeline that you can follow to disinfect areas within your home. Many doctors and paramedics suggest that the places that are high-touched within your household are required to be clean often. Since we all are quarantined, having extra leisure hours so you can sanitize and disinfect your house a minimum of three times after every eight hours will keep your home COVID-free for a very long time. The areas coming under frequently touched are telephones, light switch, door handles, and handrails, which are needed to be clean often.

  • Question 7 | How can surface cleaners and disinfectants be used against COVID-19?

    You can use surface cleaners and disinfectants in different ways to keep COVID-19 out of your house. You can use it for cleaning majorly touched areas of your home. Give your house a thorough disinfecting treatment after every two days. It is strictly forbidden to apply any of this product on your skin. Keep it out of children’s reach as swallowing it can be poisonous for your body.

  • Question 8 | Are hand sanitizers effective against COVID-19?

    People often ask this question, and the best way to follow for the prevention fo COVID-19 is to wash your hands with water and soap. It will not only prevent spreading but also reduce the risk of getting any illness. Other than that, when you are out, you can apply hand sanitizer at least 60% based on alcohol frequently. When you’re in your home, you can wash your hand for a minimum of 20 seconds, particularly after and before eating, after going to the bathroom; and after sneezing, coughing, or blowing one’s nose.

  • Question 9 | Can I use disinfectant sprays or wipes on my skin? Can they help me treating or preventing COVID if inhaled or ingested?

    It is often asked whether the disinfecting surface cleaners, wipes, and sprays can be used on the skin to prevent COVID-19. To them, we’ll raise a big no; no one is allowed to use cleaning agents on the skin. For anyone who’s doing, it must follow instructions given in these household disinfectants. You should not use these disinfecting sprays and wipes as it may cause skin, eye, or nose irritation. Also, it is made for inhaling, injecting, or ingesting purposes and can cause some severe damage to your body as it acts as a poison.